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What is Quid Pro Quo Harassment?

Quid pro quo harassment translates to "this for that." Quid pro quo is a form of workplace sexual harassment in which a manager, supervisor, or other authority figure offers or hints that they will give a subordinate something in return for a sexual favor.

Learn more about quid pro quo sexual harassment and what you can do if you have been a victim of this crime.

A Form of Sexual Harassment

Quid pro quo harassment may involve an authority figure offering something “positive,” like a promotion or a raise, or something “negative,” like a demotion or termination, in response to a subordinate accepting or rejecting the request for a sexual favor from the authority figure.

Examples of quid pro quo harassment may include the following:

  • A hiring manager tells a candidate that they will only receive the job if they perform a sexual favor for the hiring manager.

  • A manager tells an employee that they will avoid termination if they perform a sexual favor for the manager.

  • A manager tells an employee that they will receive a raise or promotion in return for a sexual favor.

What Constitutes a Quid Pro Quo Harassment Claim?

In order to file a valid quid pro quo sexual harassment claim, the plaintiff and their attorney must prove the following:

  • The plaintiff was an employee of, or applied for a job with, the company involved in the claim.

  • The alleged harasser, who is or was employed by the company involved in the claim at the time of the harassment, made an unwanted sexual advance to the plaintiff or made otherwise unwanted verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature toward the plaintiff.

  • Certain job benefits or employment decisions were conditioned on the plaintiff’s acceptance of the alleged harasser’s sexual advances.

  • The plaintiff was harmed by the alleged harassment.

Experienced Sexual Harassment at Work? We’re Here to Help

Quid quo pro sexual harassment is a heinous crime that should not go unaddressed. At Mark David Shirian, P.C., we can help you protect your rights and recover compensation for any harm you experienced as a result of the sexual harassment. We will work with you to develop a legal strategy that will achieve your goals and hold your employer or supervisor accountable.

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